How to Make an Ethernet Cable?

Ethernet Cable is basically used for connecting network between computer. Before  getting through the step lets know about some tools that required to make Ethernet cable.
1. Internet Cable
RJ-45 Crimping tool
4. Scissors
In the steps I am going to describe how the above given tools can be used. Here are the steps that you can follow to make an Ethernet Cable.

Step 1: Strip the Cable

This is very first step to make an Ethernet Cable. Take the strippers and strip your cable about 1.5 inches from the button.

Step 2: Untwist the four pair cable

After completing 1st step you have to untwist four pair cable. For Cat 5e, you can use the pull string to strip the jacket farther down if you need to, and then cut he pull string.

Step 3: Align the cable

After completing 2nd step. You should align your cable in T568B format.

Step 4: Cut the Cable

After 3rd step you should cut the cable as straight as possible. About 0.5 inch above the end of the jacket

Step 5: Insert the Wire

In this step you should carefully insert the wire into rj45 connector. You should make sure that each wire passes through the appropriate T568B format.

Step 6: Squeeze the connector

Use your crimping tool to squeeze the crimper all the way down.

Note: Repeat all 1-6 step to make other end of the cable.

Step 7: Use cable tester

After making both end of cable use cable tester tool to test each pin to make sure you your Ethernet cable is working.

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